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Broadband FAQ

What is Broadband Internet?

Broadband word came from “Broad Bandwidth”. Broadband Internet Access is faster than Dialup connection. Broadband Internet carries video or voice or data channels transmission using a common wire. Data channel transmission support wide range of frequencies. Broadband Internet carry independent bandwidth channels that work on a specific range of frequencies. By this means Broadband Internet connection reach to your home, office or anywhere.

Working Principle of Broadband Internet?

Broadband Internet brings high speed internet to your computer using high speed cable modem. The high speed cable modem connected using fiber optic cable wire. Broadband Internet transmission carried out by high speed data transmission using a wide range of frequencies.

Why I need Broadband Internet Service?

With broadband internet you can surf faster than any high speed dial up connection. You can download any information you need without wasting of more time. Broadband internet connection gives you 100% connectivity without interrupting your phone line as like in dial up connection. With Broadband Service you can surf more than 50 times faster compare to your dial up service provider. Also you get number of email account and you can download any video or audio files faster.

How many types of broadband service are available?

Cable Broadband Internet: -
This is most common type of broadband connection where cable broadband connection brought to you buy a television cable which your cable TV service provider brings to you.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): -
DSL is a abbreviation of a Digital Subscriber Line which uses copper telephone line which brings broadband internet using your same phone line. DSL carries digital data transmitted using same copper wire that carry high speed data.

Satellite Broadband Connection: -
Other means of Broadband Internet is satellite internet. Satellite Internet connected via satellite without any cable or telephone connection.

What is Broadband Modem?

Broadband modem is a hardware device which is used to get connected to your Broadband Internet Provider

What are Benefits of Broadband Internet?

Broadband has enormous benefits for home users, business man, students and offices.
Broadband Internet gives faster and break free internet connection.
Broadband Internet not tied up your phone line; you can also handle your call without interrupting your internet connection.
The Broadband Internet speed depends on your plan and pricing structure. If you choose high speed plan then the price will be higher and vice versa.
With Broadband Internet Connection you can download music, video files faster.
You don’t need to dial a number for getting connected to your broadband internet.
You can share one broadband internet connection to number of computer in your office or home.

What are Disadvantages of Broadband Internet?

Broadband could get much more expensive than conventional internet connections like dial-up.
Broadband is only available in certain areas, it could be difficult to find a provider in remote areas.

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