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CopperNet.com Review

Overview: Try it! Get 50% for 6 months Of Internet Access. Copper nationwide Internet and email access for only $4.97 per month for six months. Copper started in the ISP business back in October of 1994, and they guarantee their service by offering customers a 30 day money back guarantee. Copper provides access to anywhere on the Internet. Instant access with a credit card. Copper.net is compatible with Windows Vista.

Service Plan
Setup Fee
More Info
Standard Plan - $9.95/m $4.97/m $1 Unlimited 56K Dial-up Internet, Toll Free Support
Accelerated Plan - $14.95/m $7.47/m waived Unlimited Upto 5 Email Account, Upto 6X faster

Price For Internet Service Copper Internet offers monthly rates of only $9.95/Month. Get 50% for 6 months Of Internet Access. Sign up monthly or switch to the yearly plan anytime to maximize savings. (Save $188/Year versus AOL) 30 day money back Guarantee is a huge plus.
Setting up Internet Service We highly recommend dial-up networking, Copper Internet's way to connect to the Internet. No software is required (No need to install or un-install), and set-up takes less then 2 minutes. Instant access with credit card.
Level of Computer Skills Users with any level of Computer Knowledge can enjoy Copper Internet. Since no software is required, setup can be done over the phone toll-free, or online by hitting a configuration button.
Technical Support Technical support is free - there is a toll-free number to contact support that is included in your welcome email and technical support pages. Speaking to a live person really helps. Technical support can also be contacted by email. Online FAQ's extensive with frequent issues.
Access Numbers/Busy Signals Copper Internet has over 4000 access number in 40,000 cities. Good for traveling. V92 access numbers are also available. Busy signals are very rare, and most cities have multiple access numbers to use.
Number of Email Addresses You only get one email address with Copper Internet. There are several free email providers such as Yahoo or Hotmail if you need additional email address.
Ease of Cancellation Cancellation is a snap. Number is published on the home page and is easily visible for all to see, and it will also be included in your welcome email.
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