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What is DSL?

DSL is an abbreviation of Digital Subscriber Line that offers high speed internet access up to 70 times faster speed than any regular dial up connection. DSL uses copper cabling that is already installed by telephone company. The digital data transmission is carried out by copper cable wire. DSL is always on means you don’t need to connect to your Internet Service Provider using your phone line. Also you can use your phone line while surfing.

How does DSL work?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) uses telephone line to connect to the Internet. Both voice and data use same telephone line at the same time which is separated by splitter. The data is available to DSL modem which is connected to your computer. The quality of speed depends on distance between subscriber and telephone, less the distance higher is speed.

Why should I need DSL?

DSL is a broadband connection which saves your time and money. DSL gives faster connection and high surfing speed with which you can easily download and surf very fast. Also you don’t need to have other telephone line because it uses same telephone line. You can use surf and attain phone calls at same. You don’t need to hang up your internet connection even when some one calls you.

Why I need DSL Modem?

Modem stands for Modulator Demodulator. Modem is a hardware device used to connect between your DSL Internet Connections to your computer. DSL modem connects data of your phone line to your computer.

What are the advantages of DSL?

Here are the advantages of DSL Internet Service:
(1) You can attain your phone calls without breaking your internet connection.
(2) DSL Internet Service not require any new wiring for connection you can use your old telephone line.
(3) The speed is higher than your regular dial up connection.
(4) DSL connection can also be used in LAN (Local Area Network). So with only one DSL line you can share your internet
     connection in your office or home.
(5) With DSL you get high bandwidth

What are the disadvantages of DSL?

Disadvantages of DSL Internet Service:
(1) DSL Internet work more efficiently when your near your DSL Internet Service provider’s central office.
(2) There are some limitations of DSL. If you don’t have phone line then you can’t use DSL service.
(3) Downtime is also one major factor because once your telephone line failure then it will take days or week depends on
     the problem.
(4) Cost of DSL is much high.

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