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What is ISDN?

ISDN Stands for “Integrated Services Digital Networks”. ISDN is capable of giving speed up to 128Kbps. ISDN carries digital signal instead of analog signal so the speed is better than dial up connection.

How does ISDN better then Dial up connection?

With a dial up connection you never got speed better than 52 Kbps. Sometimes it drops up to 30% of its regular speed. As ISDN line use two separate channel of information to carry digital data the speed is twice than any regular dial up service. With ISDN connection you get speed nearly to 128 Kbps.

How does ISDN work?

ISDN connection uses completely digital signals to transmit data. Computer reads only digital signal and ISDN transmit digital signal which computer easily read and respond. ISDN connection not needs to convert signal into audio signal.

Can I use ISDN Internet for home and business?

ISDN internet is primarily for home users and small businesses. Some large companies use ISDN connection for telecommunication purpose. You can also use ISDN Internet connection as your backup line for businesses. ISDN connection also used for backing up LAN to LAN connections, remote access use, credit card approval.

How much I pay for ISDN Service?

Price of ISDN connection depends on the usage. Cost of ISDN vary depends on your own usage. Cost of setup and installation is high.

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