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NetZero ISP Review

Overview: Netzero Premium Internet Access for just $6.95 a month. Fast, reliable connections. Direct access to anywhere on the Internet. Download Netzero Platinum Internet Service and get thousands of access numbers, Netzero Email free email account with junk e-mail filtering, and the My Netzero personalized start page. Compatible with popular instant messaging programs including AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo.

Service Plan
Setup Fee
More Info
NetZero Platinum - $9.95/m $6.95 for 12 months waived Unlimited 1GB of Email Storage, Unlimited Internet Access, Reliable Connection
NetZero 3G - $14.95/m * 12 months commitment required. $9.95 for 12 months waived Unlimited 2GB of Email Storage, Pop-Up Blocker

Price For Internet Service For only $9.95 a month, Netzero is over 50% cheaper than AOL. The same Internet access is provided, without the extra content or ads. Multi-month and yearly specials are also available - switch from monthly to longer term plans anytime.
Setting up Internet Service Netzero has a customized two-minute software download for their software, Netzero Platinum. With a credit card, you will get instant access. Dial-up networking is available, but the download of Platinum is preferred.
Level of Computer Skills On a scale of 1-10, we would suggest computer knowledge of at least a 3 - a mid-beginner. Netzero has an excellent support database and automated help, but if you need hand holding and need to speak to a live person, it costs $1.95/min.
Technical Support Netzero has a online support database full of solutions to frequently asked questions, as well as instant email answers and automated phone support. If you need live help, it will cost $1.95/min.
Access Numbers/Busy Signals Netzero has a nationwide network that spans over 50,000 cities and 10,000 access numbers. Perfect for traveling. Available all over the U.S and Canada. With all these access numbers, busy signals are scant. V92 access numbers are available.
Number of Email Addresses You only get one email address with Netzero. Since there are plenty of free email providers on the internet, (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) one email is enough for most users with free emails added when needed.
Ease of Cancellation The only issue with cancelling netzero is finding the number: 1-866-841-1442. If you decide to become a member, write this number down on your welcome email. Cancellation is then a snap, with no cancel fees.
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