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PeoplePC Review

Overview: PeoplePC was launched in October of 1999 with the goal to provide people with an easy and affordable way to get on the Internet. PeoplePC is one of the more affordable options for a complete dial-up service package that includes unlimited dial-up Internet access, nationwide dial-up coverage, email and connectivity tools.

Service Plan
Setup Fee
More Info
PeoplePC Unlimited - $5.47/m $5.47 for 3 months, then only $10.95/month. waived Unlimited 2 Email Addresses, POP Up Blocker, Email Virus Protection
PeoplePC Accelerated - $5.47/m 5x Faster! $5.47 for 3 months, then only $10.95/month with a 12 month commitment. waived Unlimited 4 Email Addresses, POP Up Blocker, Email Virus Protection
PeoplePC Security Plus - $7.97/m $7.97 for 3 months, then only $15.95/month. waived Unlimited Complete security with PC Virus/Spyware Protection and Firewall

Price For Internet Service At only $5.47 a month, PeoplePC is over 50% cheaper than AOL. With PeoplePC Accelerated, certain web page text and graphics will load faster by 2-5 times when compared to standard dial-up Internet service.
Setting up Internet Service PeoplePC makes it easy for users to set up connection to PeoplePC service via their Smart Dialer.
Level of Computer Skills Users can set up connection and connect easily via an intuitive interface of the Dialer. Users with any level of computer knowledge can use the service comfortably.
Technical Support 24/7 Technical Support. Phone support is available for $1.95 per minute, however support for sign up, installation and billing is free. Free email support and online FAQ's are also available.
Access Numbers/Busy Signals Nationwide coverage with over 8,000 access numbers.
Number of Email Addresses 1 Email with 10MB of storage. Includes both Web Mail and POP access. Email includes virus protection and spam control features.
Ease of Cancellation Cancel by calling at 1-888-587-9669.
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